A new cancrid crab. Cancer vancalsleri n. sp., preserved in a partially decalcified concretionary nodule, is described from the Lower/Middle Pliocene of Oelegem, province of Antwerpen (NW Belgium), and compared with fossil and extant congeners (C. parvidens from Liessel, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands, and C. pagurus, North Sea and Atlantic). In an Appendix (by F.P. Wesselingh), the associated molluscan faunules are discussed in an attempt to determine the stratigraphic provenance of the concretionary nodules.

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Cainozoic research

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel-GeenAfgeleideWerken")

Werkgroep voor Tertiaire en Kwartaire Geologie

Barry W.M. van Bakel, John W.M. Jagt, & René H.B. Fraaije. (2002). A new Pliocene cancrid crab from Oelegem, province of Antwerpen (NW Belgium). Cainozoic research, 2(1/2), 79–85.