Gastropods of the family Neritidae in the Solent Group of the Hampshire Basin, southern England are reviewed and two previously undescribed taxa are described. New genus: Pseudodostia. New species: Clithon (Pictoneritina) cranmorensis and Clithon (Vittoclithon) headonensis. Neotypes designated for Neritim planulata Edwards, 1866 and Neritina tristis Forbes, 1856. Amended diagnosis: subgenus Vittoclithon. New combinations; Pseudodostia aperta (J. de C. Sowerby, 1823), Clithon (Pictoneritina) concavus (J. de C. Sowerby, 1823), Clithon (Pictoneritina) planulatus (Edwards, 1866) and Clithon (Pictoneritina) bristowi Wenz, 1929.