The gastropod fauna of the Luchtbal Sand Member (Antwerp region, Belgium) is listed based on the collections of the IRSNB, and new material collected in Doel (Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium) and Antwerp. Fourteen species are new for the Pliocene of Belgium; one species is described as new: Capulus deurganckensis nov. sp. Xenophora scaldensis Glibert, 1958 is redescribed and a lectotype is designated. The total fauna amounts to 157 gastropod species, which make the Luchtbal Member the most species-rich Pliocene unit of Belgium. Only 29% of these species are still living today, which is insufficient for actualistic palaeoecological reconstructions. 46% of the species are endemic to the Pliocene or to the Neogene of the North Sea Basin.

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Cainozoic research

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Robert Marquet, & Bernard Landau. (2005). The gastropod fauna of the Luchtbal Sand Member (Lillo Formation, Zanclean, Early Pliocene) of the Antwerp region (Belgium). Cainozoic research, 5(1/2), 13–46.