During the 2003 to 2004 field season, we conducted a palaeontological survey in the basal and middle parts of the Upper Miocene Kongia Formation and the basal part of the Lower Pliocene Tirr Tirr Formation, Samburu Hills, Northern Kenya. Seven new fossiliferous outcrops were mapped and seventeen fossil remains were collected including Hipparion, proboscideans, bovids, hippopotamids and crocodiles from the basal part of the Tirr Tirr Formation. However, we found no remains in the Kongia Formation.

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Cainozoic research

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Hiroshi Tsujikawa, Naomichi Ogihara, Mototaka Saneyoshi, & Hidemi Ishida. (2009). The Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Fauna from the Kongia and Tirr Tirr Formations, Samburu Hills, Northern Kenya. Cainozoic research, 6(1/2), 53–60.