Three species of Placuna (Indoplacuna) are reported from Miocene rocks of the Kachchh region of Gujarat, Western India (viz. Placuna (Indoplacuna) birmanica Vredenburg, P. (I) lamellata (Dey) and P. (I) sindiensis Vredenburg). Species of the subgenus Indoplacuna are restricted to the middle part of the Burdigalian Claystone Member of Chhasra Formation. The age of the Indoplacuna bearing strata is estimated between 20 and 18.75 Ma. The Quilon Beds of Kerala (India), that contain P. (I) lamellata (Dey) are also assigned a Burdigalian age.

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Cainozoic research

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Kantimati G. Kulkarni, Satarupa Bhattacharjee, & V.D. Borkar. (2009). Moluscan Fauna from the Miocene Sediments of Kachchh – Part 2. Bivalve subgenus Indoplacuna. Cainozoic research, 6(1/2), 71–80.