Nine little known mammalian taxa are here added to the known late middle Eocene fauna of Creechbarrow, Dorset, UK. They include three lipotyphlan insectivores, Eotalpa anglica, Saturninia aff. mamertensis and Cryptotopos hartenbergeri; a rare adapid primate Adapis laharpi; two artiodactyls Dichobune robertiana and Amphirhagatherium louisi. Two species of miacid carnivore are confirmed as occurring in the fauna, Paramiacis exilis and Paramiacis teilhardi, and a creodont carnivore Allopterodon minor is also included, as well as new specimens of some other little known taxa.

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Cainozoic research

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David L. Harrison, Paul J.J. Bates, Malcolm Pearch, Chris Michaels, & David J. Ward. (2012). New additions to the late middle Eocene mammal fauna of Creechbarrow, Dorset, southern England. Cainozoic research, 9(1), 65–85.