In this catalog the Cancellariinae of the Central American Neogene assemblages are recorded, discussed and illustrated. This work has been greatly enriched by the study of Central American Pacific and Caribbean Neogene assemblages from previously unknown, undersampled or unpublished sites. Ten new species resulting from this research effort are described herein: Cancellaria sepulcralis nov. sp., Pyruclia? schmidti nov. sp., Bivetopsia porvenirensis nov. sp., Hertleinia obeliscus nov. sp., Massyla gavilanensis nov. sp., Narona wiedenmeyeri nov. sp., Aphera bananensis nov. sp., Axelella casacantaurana nov. sp., Axelella nutrita nov. sp. and Ventrilia puntagavilanensis nov. sp. Herein Cancellaria coronadosensis Durham, 1850 is considered a junior subjective synonym of C. obesa G.B. Sowerby I, 1832. Cancellaria candida is considered a nomen dubium. A catalogue of the Cancellariinae of the tropical American Neogene Gatunian Province is provided, including shallow-water Recent species found in the same geographic area, distinguishing between valid species and homonyms or junior subjective synonyms. The catalogue provides a full chresonymy for each specific taxon, the current cyronym, data on the type material and geographic and stratigraphic distribution. Geographic and stratigraphic charts are provided for all the major tropical American regions in order to make the geographic locations, age and chronostratigraphic relationship between the geological formations discussed easier to interpret.

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Cainozoic Research

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Bernard Landau, Richard E. Petit, Walter Etter, & Carlos M. da Silva. (2012). New species and records of Cancellariinae (Caenogastropoda) from tropical America, together with a catalogue of Neogene to Recent species from this region. Cainozoic Research, 9(2), 193–267.