The food-ecology of Goshawks is a dynamic pro- cess which is subject to fluctuations and alterations caused by interactions between landscape, season, amount of game and the raptor itself. A six year period of research in a single homerange reveals fluctuations in number and alterations in species of prey. A four year research in three adjacent homeranges shows a relation between landscape and the constitution of the prey-list. Goshawk natural as well as acquired preying capabilities are shown to vary between individuals. The silence in the nesting-woods and the condition of the woods seemed to influence the reproduction-capacity more than the availability of prey. During the research-periods the amount of goshawk-braces remained stable in the surveyed homeranges. From januari 1981 up to and including december 1991 we collected 1628 prey remains mainly obtained by kills found by searching, partly by pellet study and for a very small part by direct observations. Tot slot een woord van dank aan mevrouw Vera Visser voor de Engelse vertaling van de samenvatting.