A nest with five eggs was found in a alfalfa-field in the province of Groningen on 1 June 1994. Observations were made from a hide. The male did most of the hunting. The female attended the nest and distributed the prey among the (three) nestlings, of which the smallest did not receive any lood. After having fed the young (ages of 11-12, 12-13 and 13-14 days old), she swallowed several small pellets which were lying around on the nest. These pellets are thought to have been produced by the nestlings, The smallest nestling was attacked several times by his two sisters (especially when the female was away from the nest). A large pellet was stuck in his throat, which was removed by the observers. This pellet was probably not produced by the nestling, but presumably fed to him by the female, or swallowed by himself as if it were a food item. This nestling was dead the next day and served as a meal for his sisters.