In the polders of Zuidelijk and Oostelijk Flevoland Common Buzzards and Kestrels commonly exploit earthworms in winter. Measurements and weights of three earthworm-eating firstwinter Common Buzzards are given. Their mean body mass of 787 g was almost similar to the average body mass of 793 g of 53 Common Buzzards captured in winter in the same area (minimum of 585 g, maximum of 1040 g), indicating that earthworms can be a sustainable food source. Common Buzzards are probably more adept in exploiting earthworms than Kestrels. A Kestrel was seen to search and strike from poles (six worms in 5 min), whereas a Common Buzzard walked through the meadows and picked up earthworms in passing (35 worms in 5 min, same spot and date as the Kestrel). It is suggested that worm-eating does not affect the condition of Common Buzzards and Kestrels negatively, contrary to common belief.