A breeding attempt was made in a nestbox (on an industrial building) in the province of Limburg. The clutch of 3 eggs was completed at c. 16 March, but was found destroyed on 18 April (reasons unknown). A repeat laying of 2 eggs was produced, but both eggs failed to hatch, probably because of desertion (cold eggs on 21 June). This was the only confirmed breeding attempt in The Netherlands in 1995, although another attempt (with 2 fledglings) is said to have occurred elsewhere (details not yet available). At six other potential breeding sites nestboxes were supplied, and during 1995 Peregrines were noticed at five of these localities, partly as wintering birds. One female, ringed as nestling at the Limburg site in 1993, was recaptured on 29 August 1995 some 150 km away in Zeeland, apparently suffering from botulism. The bird recovered and was released on 3 October at the same site.