Since 1995, raptor persecution is being registered centrally in The Netherlands by the Dutch Raptor Group (via nest cards and preprinted forms). The quantitative distribution of poisoning incidents, illegal trapping, shooting and nest destruction is shown in Fig. 1. Raptor persecution is concentrated in the eastern part of the country, where raptor densities are highest. Main methods of destruction are poisoning and destroying nests (or its contents). Goshawk and Common Buzzard are particularly affected (Table 2), and it is thought that the long-awaited spread of Red Kites is being frustrated by poisoning, Aldicarb and parathion are most commonly abused for poisoning raptors (Table 1). It is calculated that annually 1350 active raptors nests are destroyed on purpose (based on the fact that 10% of the Dutch raptor population of 23.200 pairs is monitored during the breeding cycle, of which 5.8% is being destroyed).