A survey of the Spanish population of Red Kites in 1994 revealed 3328-4044 breeding pairs, with high densities in the southern Pyrenees (Navarra/Aragon). Several regions showed a decline, as for example on Menorca (from 100 pairs 20 years ago to 14 nowadays), near Madrid and in Andalusia. Apart from negative habitat changes, poisoning incidents are increasing, especially during campaigns to eradicate small carnivores. Increasing hygiene, especially involving the loss of muladares (traditional open-air dump sites for dead animals), is also mentioned as a cause of decline. Locally, rabbits are an important prey item. Investigation of kite pellets showed that many rabbits must have contained lead-shot. A large roost, normally involving 300-400 birds but with a maximum of 850 Red Kites, is described for Las Casas, 8 km south of Huesca.