During visits in February 1994, January 1998 and January 1999 in Tjerskii (estuary of the Kolyma) and in the region between Tjerskii and Androeskin in eastern Siberia hundreds of snares for capturing Willow Grouse were controlled. Local trappers construct low hedges (height 30 cm) of willow branches near dwarf willow scrub, leaving small openings of 20 cm width at regular intervals. Such openings are used by Willow Grouse. By doing so, they get caught by nylon snares. Apart from many other bird species, including Snowy Owls, in all three winters a Gyrfalcon was found ensnared. Apparently, the birds used the openings to attack Willow Grouse by surprise. A single trapper told that he accidentally ensnared 1-3 Gyrfalcons per winter. Five other trappers in the same region had similar experiences. As this method of trapping Willow Grouse is widespread in Siberia, it must add substantial mortality in a population already threatened by illegal trade in favour of falconry.