In The Netherlands, with its dense network of roads and high traffic density, raptors commonly use solitary trees and woodlots within 30 m of highways for nesting. In this study, some 43 km of three highways in the central Netherlands (between Hoevelaken, Eemnes and Utrecht) was checked in 2001 and 2002, resulting in the location of a maximum in any one year of 15 Common Buzzards Buteo buteo, 3 Northern Goshawks Accipiter gentilis and 1 Eurasian Sparrowhawk A. nisus nesting in close proximity (<30 m) of the highways. Mapping and checking such nests is not without danger. This paper outlines the necessary preparations before a safe study of raptor nests near busy roads can be embarked upon, such as applying for permits, wearing conspicuously coloured coats, approaching nests via parking lots or farmland instead of parking along the roadside even when it involves making detours, and timing (preferably in weekends, avoiding rush hours).