On 10 January 2004, a first-year female Eurasian Sparrowhawk was observed struggling to subdue a black bird in a garden in the town of Dieren (central Netherlands); it turned out to be a Jackdaw. During the struggle, the Sparrowhawk was presumably slightly wounded, as witnessed from the fresh blood on the intertarsal joint. The Sparrowhawk started eating before the prey was dead, at first concentrating on the pectoralis (removing only few feathers) and, after a break, continuing with the muscles of the pelvic limb. The observer could approach the Sparrowhawk in plain view to within hand-reach, actually touching the bird’s bill. It refused to let go of the prey when the observer tried to take the Jackdaw away. Photographs were taken from within a distance of 30 cm. The bird was unbanded, nor did it carry leashes (which would have indicated an escaped falconry bird).