On 16 October 2005, a Peregrine (presumably a male) was observed hunting over sea non-stop for at least 50 minutes. It focused on low-flying migrants heading for the shore, covering a range of some 2x4 (N-S) and 3-4 (E-W) km. Its flying height varied between 2 and 1000 m. A thrush and a lark were respectively 8 and 4 times stooped at before the kill was made. The Peregrine did not bring the prey ashore, but started to fly against the stiff easterly (at least 6 Beaufort), meanwhile plucking and eating. Between 8 and 10 bites were taken, before the kill was dropped and hunting resumed. This behaviour is different from other descriptions of over-ocean hunting in that the kill was not taken ashore but eaten over sea while flying.