In 1985-2000, 178 chicks in 74 successful nests of Eurasian Hobbies were ringed in the southeastern part of the province of Noord-Brabant (southern Netherlands), i.e. 14x 1, 18x 2,40x 3 and 2x 4 chicks (Table 1). Hobbies in this region showed a clear preference for breeding in nests of Carrion Crow Corvus corone (93%). Out of 138 nests, only 8 were situated in open farmland (2x in electricity pylon, rest in Alnus glutinosa, Populus sp. and Quercus robur in small woodlots or rows of trees), the rest mainly in Scots pine Pinus sylvestris in forest edges and along clear-cuts. Nesting in the latter habitat was possible until the newly planted trees had reached a height of some 6 metres; the birds switched to nearby sites when this had happened. Overall, Hobbies breeding in woodland showed high site fidelity. One particular site, covering 1 km5, had been occupied almost continuously from 1970 through 2000; in only 3 years nesting occurred just outside this plot (it is not known how many different individuals were involved).