During 3-8 September 2006, 15 raptor species were observed in the eastern Crimea Peninsula (Table 1). Raptor migration was noticed on 5 September along the northern Kerch-peninsula, involving at least 8 juvenile Montague Harriers Circus pygargus and several Eurasian Marsh Harriers C. aeruginosus, arriving high from the Sea of Azov. On 6 September near Karadag-mountain, a flock of soaring Buteo buteo vulpinus, 5 Circus pygargus and 1 Aquila pomarina were seen. Concentrated raptor migration was observed near Baidarskie Vorota along the southern coast (7 September). During a 75-minute watch in late afternoon 52 migrating raptors in 11 species were counted, notably Falco subbuteo (Table 2).