An adult female White-tailed Eagle, breeding in the Oostvaardersplassen in 2007, was repeatedly attacked, first by an adult Buzzard Buteo buteo, later on by an adult male Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus, while cruising at great heights over the local wetland (17.00-17.40 hr). The Buzzard attacked by diving from above, forcing the eagle to present her claws during a complete roll-over (360°). All of the 11 attacks were thwarted with complete roll-overs. Sixteen attacks by the Marsh Harrier; however, also performed from above and using diving, were countered with partial roll-overs (180°), i.e. roll-overs that were aborted half-way (presenting claws) and were followed by return to the original position. Neither species actually struck the eagle, although the attacks of the Marsh Harrier seemed a bit more determined. Partial roll-overs may enable the eagle to present her claws for slightly longer than complete roll-overs, but this was not quantified.