That it is not in all instances characteristic for Leontodon autumnalis L either to bear a small, entire leaf at the bifurcation of the stem or to be devoid of any leaf there, (both peculiarities one may read in literature), was impressed upon the author in 1946, when he collected in different places in the Netherlands two individuals, which had a long, pinnatifid leaf at the base of the lowest stem branch (fig. i), a leaf therefore resembling the radical ones. Cultivation tests for two years with one of these different plants as startingpoint, namely the specimen possessing ripe seeds, produced descendants which again had a long, pinnatifid (or dentate) leaf at the foot of the lowest branch (fig. 2), alternating with plants bearing long sinuose stem-leaves, (the latter plants mostly being seized by insects). As the phenomenon could not be found in literature, as far as looked into, these different plants were described as new with the _name: var. creptdifolius. The author expresses once more his thanks to the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for his kindness in furnishing the description by Fiori et Paoletti, relative to the species.