Sympetrum pedemontanum is a rare species in the north-west of Europe. During recent decades it has extended its range from the east in a north-westerly direction. In The Netherlands it now has one proven reproduction site and one site at which reproduction is assumed. Both are situated in the south of the country. At other localities it is encountered in variable densities, but reproduction is either uncertain or absent. The sites where larger numbers have been seen, are discussed in detail. It appears that S. pedemontanum is continuing to extend its range in The Netherlands and it may soon establish populations in the north. It is stated that, in the north-western part of its range, this dragonfly is a pioneer of bare, running waters.

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie

Jeroen J.C.W. van Delft. (1998). De Bandheidelibel (Sympetrum pedemontanum (Allioni)) in Nederland. Brachytron, 2(1), 3–9.