Krekels, R., 2006. Nature photography: dragonflies in the picture. Brachytron 8(2): 12-19. Photographing dragonflies can be fun. The article describes the different methods to make better pictures. Which camera is best suited for this kind of nature photography and what are the required devices? Flashlight can be a good support, if used in the right way. When used as fill-in lighting the flashlight provides a natural lightning. Modern cameras, especially the digital reflex-camera, make it possible to work without a tripod. In that manner you are free to make the angels you like best. The choice is yours; a zoological correct picture of a dragonfly, showing all the characteristics, or a more artistic view at only the head of the dragonfly. The joy of spending a whole afternoon or even day chasing Calopteryx splendens will result in several pictures and the hope for that special one.