From 2002 till 2004 hundreds of Siberian winter damsels Sympecma paedisca were marked on behalf of a capture-mark-recapture experiment. Short range recapture showed that several individuals stayed on the same area for weeks. Three individuals were recaptured on places far away from the reproduction site, a unique result. Thanks to these recaptures we can establish that the S.paedisca damsel migrates on purpose to places where they hibernate. The reason for this migration is not known yet. Probably they search for new reproduction sites. Part of the population hibernates within the boundaries of the reproduction site (De Weerribben), but a significant number migrates to heath lands in the provinces of Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel where they hibernate. After wintertime they disappear; where they go to still remains uncertain.

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Evert J. Ruiter, H.M.G. Karin Uilhoorn, René Manger, Robert Ketelaar, & E. Peter de Boer. (2007). Terugvangsten van Noordse winterjuffers (Sympecma paedisca) over grote afstand. Brachytron, 11(1), 34–41.