In June 2007 the authors visited the federal subject Buryatia of the Russian Federation for bird studies. On four localities populations of Sympecma paedisca were found. In this article a short description and photographs are published. Two localities are more or less comparable to the habitat in The Netherlands, with dense helophyte vegetations of Phragmites australis. The two other habitats are different from the European reference: a small sweet water brook floating in a saline lake in the steppe region and helophyte vegetation in the summerbed of a broad river.

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie

Robert Ketelaar, Jaap H. Bouwman, & Rob P.W.H. Felix. (2007). Notities over de habitat van de Noordse winterjuffer (Sympecma paedisca) in Boerjatië, zuidoost-Siberië, Rusland. Brachytron, 11(1), 91–97.