Groenendijk, D., & Bouwman, J.H. 2010. Occurrence and conservation of Somatochlora arctica in the Netherlands. Brachytron 12 (1/2): 18-24. Abstract Somatochlora arctica is one of the least known and rarest dragonflies of northwest Europe. As one of the most characteristic species of raised bog, its decline is paralleled by the diminishing quantity and quality of this habitat type. Since the publication of the Species Protection Plan in 2005, seven populations are known to be present in the Netherlands. Locating the breeding grounds and understanding the adult’s behaviour were given priority. Small pools, about a metre deep and largely covered with Sphagnum moss, were frequented by both males and females. Females were seen ovipositing, and larvae in various stages and empty skins were found. These pools have been targeted for measures on the short term; depending on the local situation, managers are given advice either on how to protect them or how to dig new ones. On the long term, the existence of such pools needs to be included into plans for the restoration of the bog, ensuring suitable breeding grounds for this rare and beautiful species. Moreover, as most populations are located in border areas, cross-border protection is urgently needed.

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie

Dick Groenendijk, & Jaap H. Bouwman. (2010). Occurrence and conservation of Somatochlora arctica in the Netherlands. Brachytron, 12(1/2), 18–24.