Vries, H.H., 2010. Species Protection Plan for Aeshna viridis. Brachytron 12 (1): 25-31. Green Hawker Aeshna viridis was the first dragonfly in the Netherlands to have its own national species protection plan. This was published in 2001 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries, aiming to initiate several conservation activities. As A. viridis is strongly associated with Stratiotes aloïdes, this plant plays an important role in the strategies adopted for protection and communication. The protection plan led to a number of projects in several provinces, including the compilation of distribution maps, communication about good management and starting nature restoration. Backed up with European legislation, the need for protection of this species has come to the attention of a much wider audience. Therefore, it can be expected that this plan will continue to have an effect long after the projects it gave rise to have ended.

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Henk H. de Vries. (2010). Species Protection Plan for Aeshna viridis. Brachytron, 12(1/2), 25–31.