On 4 June, 2011, two individuals of Gomphus vulgatissimus were observed in National Park the Drentsche Aa (Drenthe). A male was captured and photographed. This observation constitutes the northernmost sighting in the Netherlands. There is one historical record of an earlier sighting at the same location. The species is expanding its range in the Netherlands, so the sighting was not unexpected. It remains unknown whether the individuals were casual vagrants, or whether they originated from a local population. As additional observations have been done in June 2012, it is to be expected that the Drenthse Aa area holds a population.

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CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie

Sander Bot. (2012). Mededelingen Beekrombouten (Gomphus vulgatissimus) langs de Drentsche Aa in juni 2011 en 2012. Brachytron, 15(1), 53–55.