The larva of Ceriagrion georgifreyi was found for the first time during a field trip in South West Turkey (May 2011), while searching for exuviae for the project of creating a photographic guide of exuviae of European dragonflies. Also larvae of Pyrrhosoma elisabethae were found for the first time during a field trip on the island Corfu, Greece, for the same project in May 2012. Both species are very rare in Europe and both have a more common look-alike: Ceriagrion tenellum and Pyrrhosoma nymphula. The larvae of Ceriagrion georgifreyi and Pyrrhosoma elisabethae have been captured, photographed in an aquarium and then released again into their habitat. The habitat that the larvae use is described succinctly. Comparison for each species with its common look-alike shows that they have a very similar morphology. To identify them, many measurements of the exuviae collected during the field trips will be made. The results will be published in the key of the photographic guide of the exuviae of European dragonflies.

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie

Christophe Brochard, & Ewoud van der Ploeg. (2013). Portret Een eerste kennismaking met de larven van de Turkse koraaljuffer en de Griekse vuurjuffer. Brachytron, 15(2), 133–139.