In 1965-90, 3840 Cranes were registered in the province of Drenthe, based on 225 observations. It is a scarce migrant in most years, with occasionnally higher numbers because of drift (November 1982: 1790 Cranes in six days)(fig. 1). The majority of flocks is seen in spring (March-April) and autumn (October-November), but small numbers are known to summer or winter (fig. 2). With few exceptions, Cranes were recorded during daylight (fig. 3). Flight directions are concurrent with known positions of staging and wintering areas, viz. NE in spring and SW and S in autumn (table 1). Most Cranes, both staging and passing, were recorded in the northern and western part of the province (fig. 4). This may be a result of the geographically biased distribution of observers, but also of the presence of large heatherfields in western Drenthe (potential resting areas).