From 12 to 22 August 1995 I collected wings of depredated Peacocks Inachis io, Small Tortoiseshells Aglais urticae and a Painted Lady Vanessa cardui in two gardens in the town of Assen (province of Drenthe, northern Netherlands). The butterflies had been foraging on Buddleja davidii and were probably captured and eaten by two juvenile Great Tits Pants major (Table 1, Appendix 1). The Dutch literature on this subject is sparse. Main predators of butterflies, as recorded in The Netherlands, were House Sparrow Passer domesticus, Spotted Flycatcher Musciapa striata and Hobby Falco subbuteo (Appendix 2), Butterfly species most often captured were Anachis io, Aglais urticae and Pirinae.