During the past decades the Northern Wheatear disappeared from or declined at almost all known breeding sites in The Netherlands. The Aekingerzand, a sanddrift surrounded by heaths and dear-fellings in the northern Netherlands, holds one of the last substantial inland populations. This population has increased during the past twenty years, due to enlargement of the sand-drift by clear-felling nearby woodland. On 1 and 8 June all territories (20) were visited to check breeding stage and to find nests. In some territories, only solitary males were recorded. Most territories, though, were occupied by pairs with active nests during the survey (Table 1). Nest sites were located in rabbit burrows (5), holes underneath decaying roots of felled trees (3), decaying heaps of branches (2) and tree trunks piled along a rood (1). Birds mainly foraged in short grassy vegetations. Heather and open sand were apparently not used.