Both described breeding cases occurred in the Bargerveen, a large peat-moor relict in the south-east of Drenthe. The Mediterranean Gull bread in a colony of Black-headed Gull Larus ridibundus and the nest was surrounded by three nests of this species within a few meters. The nest was located in a tuft of Juncus effuses. Several times a bird was observed to incubate with its partner at close range. At the time there should have been young, the birds had disappeared, so breeding has not been successful. In recent years the species was claimed to breed at several sites in Drenthe, but this was so far never proved by detecting the nest site. A pair of Common Gulls had its nest on a bare peat ridge adjacent to a large stretch of open water, close to a colony of Black-headed Gulls. Three times an incubating bird was observed, in most cases accompanied by its partner. Once when the incubating bird left the nest a glimpse was caught of a clutch, but the number of eggs was not established. At the moment there should have been young, the two adults were swimming nearby the nest site, but young were not detected. It is not sure whether the pair finally raised young. For the Common Gull this is the first inland breeding cose within a range of about 50 km.