In spring 2007 two nests of Grey Wagtails were found at separate sluices along the same canal, some 2.5 km apart. Probably both breeding attempts were performed by the same pair, since simultaneous observations were lacking for the sites. The first attempt (nest in old brick wall of sluice) started on 10 April and a clutch of six eggs was produced. The female incubated for at least 17 days, till 3 May, but then deserted the clutch. The second attempt was started at another sluice on 11 May, eight days after the female was observed near the old nest. A clutch of three eggs was produced in a well-hidden nest. Two eggs hatched and both young fledged, probably between 6 and 10 June. Probably this breeding site had also been occupied in 2006 and, before that, in 1972. The province of Drenthe is too flat to have suitable breeding habitat with fast streams, and therefore breeding is, and always has been, occasional