During the past SO years the author ringed about 4500 mainly adult lapwings in the northern half of the Netherlands. Up to this day 87 (2%) were recovered Almost half of the birds were recovered in France, presumably shot. Eight birds were found in Spain, of which six were shot, as was one bird, recovered in Portugal. Birds we caught in The Netherlands in autumn probably originatedfrom various countries, because were (apart from our country) recovered in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Germany, England arid Belgium. Of the birds, recovered in The Netherlands, seven were caught and released again, three were hit by a car, and one each collapsed with a train, was detected by and observer with a telescope, flew against a wire, was taken from its nest by a Polecat, taken by a bird of prey and one wasfound back in a pellet. One ofthe last recoveries wasfrom Omsk, at a distance of4400 kmfrom the ringing location. This bird was probably shot.