In 2007-08 seven nest of Red-backed Shrikes werefound in the peat moors of Fochteloërveen (15 km west of Assen) and in the bordering area Fochteloërveld with nature development. Most nests were build in bushes with bramble. In total 35 eggs resulted in 29 fledged young. The parents of one nest with 9 eggs (not included in table 1) both have characteristics of females. One was ringed nearby in 2005 as a female. The ringedfemale often was seen breeding and regularly was fed by the otherfemale. Their territory was visited by at last two different singing and displaying males. After a month the nest was a abandoned. By then the ringedfemale paired with one ofthe visiting males and in the beginning of July their nest contained 4 eggs, but failed to produce young. Three Red-hacked Shrikes observed in 2007-08 were ringed 1-3 years before as nestling 12-15 km from de study area, hi 2005-08112-132 occupied nest were found in Drenthe with increasing numbers in the southwest and north. The relative warm and dry weather in 2006 resulted in many successful breeders, whilst the result were the opposite in the relative cool and wet2007.