Collected information of Kingfisher nests, territories and observations in potential breeding habitats in April-June revealed an all time high population of 50-100 territories in 2007-08 in the province of Drenthc (Fig. 1, Appendix 1). A series of mild winters since 1998 and most likely also due to the improvement of the quality of water, gradually pushed up the population. The population in 2001-06 is estimated 5-30, and in 2009 (after a cold spell in the winter) 40-50 territories. After 1970 the Kingfisher population peaked in 1975-78 (8-20 territories), 1994,2002 •and 2004-2009 and in between 0-10 territories were present, partly due to the effects of severe winter weather and incomplete data. The trend in the number of Kingfisher territories in 1970-2009 in Drenthe, largely coinsist with the nation al trend of population estimations (Fig. 2). Most Kingfishers (n=161) in Drenthe were observed along brooks and canals (53%) and smaller numbers in sand pits, ponds, fens and along ditches, with most nests (n=12) found in vertical sandy banks 25-150 cm above the water.