In 2011 for the first time breeding of Peregrine Falcon was proved in the province of Drenthe. In June a pair with a fledged young was observed at the Radio-/TV tower in Hoogersmilde. On 3-4 July a fledged young was sitting on a small platform at 60m high, probably the nest site (Fig. 1). On 4 July an adult with a small prey was followed by the young. On 5 July the female carrying a pigeon disappeared on a flat rooftop at the height of 80m, where the young was briefly seen and heard. According to feathers fluttering down, the young was eating the prey, but impossible to observe from the ground. In 3-5 July two parents were irregular seen flying or sitting (preening, resting, sleeping, feeding) at the 294m high tower. Adults were moulting some primaries. Prey items in 12 pellets and many feathers found, suggest predominately preys of pigeons/doves, Starlings and other small passerines. In Drenthe possible breeding was observed in 1982,1991-92,2004 and 2008-09.23 observations of Peregrine Falcons observed in Drenthe in May-July 2002-2011 Table 1) suggest no or only rare breeding.