In our „Mikrographie des Holzes der auf Java vorkommenden Baumarten” we are trying to show that important results in systematic Botany can be obtained by anatomical investigations concerning the wood, if these are conducted with sufficient care. For this purpose descriptions of the anatomical structure are necessary, made with careful observance of the rules given by Linne for describing the external appearance of plants. Of course some additions to these rules and some alterations have been necessary, because anatomical and morphological facts belong to somewhat different orders of things and because the microscopic method presents peculiar difficulties. But in the main it is the Linnean method we apply. The results obtained in the two first volumes of our work are from a systematic point of view most satisfactory, which we hope will become still more apparent, when after some years the work will be finished. Families, genera and in many cases even species are easily recognisable from the anatomical structure of their wood alone.

Recueil des travaux botaniques néerlandais

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Koninklijke Nederlandse Botanische Vereniging

H.H. Janssonius, & J.W. Moll. (1912). The Linnean Method of describing anatomical structures. Some remarks concerning the paper of Mrs. Dr. Marie C. Stopes, entitled: Petrifactions of the earliest European Angiosperms. Recueil des travaux botaniques néerlandais, 9(4), 452–464.