In the curvature of a curved root lateral roots are formed chiefly on the convex side, whereas the lateral roots which originate between the concave and- the convex side, curve in the tissue of the tap root to the convex side. This is the reason that the lateral roots come out exclusively on the convex side (Noll 1900). It was demonstrated that this phenomenon is based on a transversal transport of rhizocaline and of growth-substance in the curvature. The transversal transportation of rhizocaline and of growthsubstance can be explained through the electrical polarization of the root-tissue in the curvature. By means of this transversal growth-substance transport also the autotropism of the root can be explained. Here I wish to express my sincere thanks to Mr. L. P e t r i c k Lie. Nat. Wet. at Gent for his co-operation and assistance in the experimental part.