T. de Groot (in Wasscher, 1991) recorded Pyrrhosoma nymphula on 11 april 1991 in the Molenpolder near Utrecht. Following Geijskes & van Tol (1983), this sighting was mentioned by the author as the earliest record of this species in the Netherlands, and was discussed in terms of extremely good weather conditions. A further record by my own seems to be suitable to underline the possibility of early emergence dependent on an unusual warm spring season. With the intention to look for Sympecma species I visited the Wooldse veen near Winterswijk on april 10,1991. The only dragonfly to be seen was a female specimen of. P. nymphula. , The colouration and the wing condition gave evidence that the animal at least was one day old, and possibly even older. The main emergence period of the species starled on may 11, when warm weather again cut off an interim cold period.