On 27 March 1989 the unprecedented number of 1,250 Avocets Recurvirostra avosetta were seen migrating in only three hours in Egraond aan Zee (mainland coast of Noord-Holland). Also on other seawatching sites the number of Avocets seen were extraordinary. The largest number ever seen on one day before was 270 heading North on 24 March 1985 (Hondsbossche Zeewering). Spring migration of Avocets along our coast is usually not quite impressive. Most are seen in the second half of March and early April, usually when the winds are easterly (from the shore) and when temperatures are rising. Also on the day mentioned here the meteorological conditions were like that (ESE 4, maximum temperatures 9°C, 12°C, and 20°C respectively on 25-27 March). Although the Dutch and West European breeding population have increased considerably in recent year it is thought that the favourable weather conditions have simply forced the birds to fly close to the shore, within range of the seawatchers. In other conditions proportionally more birds are missed.