MONO’s on board MV Holland were carried out in April (17-19th) and May (15-17th) by A.M.van der Niet. Few interesting birds or concentrations were reported on these trips, but to have the surveys completed is the main goal at this stage. Herring Gulls predominated the April survey. Fulmars and Gannets were rather scarce (30 and 10 individuals respectively) and also Guillemots were far from abundant (18 individuals). At the end of March, quite a few Razorbills were seen at the eastern Dogger Bank, as well as a Little Auk and a Puffin. Sandwich Terns and Little Gulls, similar to what was seen during seawatching, were encountered in fair numbers. In May, some 360 Fulmars were seen on 16 and 17th. Lesser Black-backed Gulls, including 760 on one day, were quite abundant. Surveys from MV Aurelia in the second week of April and from MV Tridens in the last week of April produced few birds too. Remarkable records included 3 Pomarine Skuas, 26 Red-throated Divers, 13 Black-throated Divers and a further 33 unidentified divers.