On 17 August 1990 a disperse flock of (British) Storm Petrels was seen foraging in the harbour of Stornoway at the isle of Lewis (Outer Hebrides). The birds were flying in and out of the harbour and foraged in small flocks (up to some 10 birds) or solitarily. The maximum number present amounted to about 35 individuals. Feeding took place while pattering the water surface with the legs and only invisibly small food items were taken. They were neither associated with other species of seabirds nor with any incoming vessel, though in the most frequently visited site a Grey Seal was present as well. It is very unusual to see foraging Storm Petrels at plain daylight this close to the coast. Weather circumstances seemed to be favourable, so the only possible explanation would be an unusual amount of food available, presumably offal, to be rapidly exploited by the birds. Still it seems odd, that the Storm Petrels were willing to take the risk of being predated by the large gulls (some 1000 birds) present in the harbour as well. On subsequent visits to the harbour the phenomenon was not observed again.