About 90 hours of seawatching were carried out in November, December and January at Ameland and on the Frisian mainland coast. From sites in Zuid-Holland (ZH) and Zeeland another 50 hours were received (mainly from Noordwijk and Bloemendaal, November and December). Seawatching sites in Noord-Holland (NH) (at Hondsbossche Zeewering (Hbz) and Egmond aan Zee) were almost daily manned. Southward movements of divers were reported early and late November (mainly NH and ZH), the first week of Dec and early Jan. In this last period, a huge westward movement of divers was recorded at Ameland, including ca. 1000 individuals in 6 hours on 3 Jan. Cold-rushes were not occurring in these months. Even though, there was some passage of Great Crested Grebes during the first half of Nov and on 14 Dec (1920 individuals S in 1 hour, Noordwijk). Grebe passage in northerly direction was already recorded in the first half of January.