There was almost daily coverage in Noord-Holland (NH) at Hondsbossche Zeewering (Hbz) and Egmond aan Zee (Egm). From Zuid-Holland (ZH) some tens of hours were received, mainly from Noordwijk (Nw) and West-Kapelle (WK). More than a hundred hours of seawatching were carrried out at Ameland (Am), and in Oct also some hours on Schiermonnikoog (Schier) and the Frisian mainland coast. August was rather boring with only good numbers of Sandwich Terns. In NH almost every day a few hundred of southward flying Sandwich Terns could be counted. Most were seen in the last days of August but fair numbers continued to show up till the third week of September. On Am hundreds of Common Scoters could be watched on their moult migration in the beginning of August. Later on in October, some westward migration was also noticed on Am and on Schier. Eiders were seen in fair numbers during October in the Wadden Sea region. Best day was the 23th when 5200 westward flying Eiders were counted at the Frisian mainland coast. Migrating Brent Geese were mainly seen from sites in ZH and NH. During the second half of October about 10,000 birds flew by. Remarkable was the departure of Avocets witnessed on the Frisian mainland coast on 5 Oktober (660 ind.). The only other noticable wader species was the Dunlin from which some hundreds were seen on a few days in the end of September and in the end of October in NH.