’Emergency plan for oiled birds (1982)’ The ’Opvangplan "Olie"-vogels’ (an emergency plan for the reception of oiled birds) aims to: (1) coordinate and promote of professional reception of oil victims during calamities, (2) asses the impact of oil incidents, (3) collect victims for research purposes. The emergency plan covers the complete Dutch coastline and includes participation of a wide range of governmental and non-govemmental organizations. Based on the national plan, the province of Zeeland completed its regional emergency plan late 1987, which was put to test dwing the oil incident caused by MV Borcea in January 1988. Following the first report of oil victims on 5 January 1988, the regional emergency plan was activated on 8 January. Searches were organized, materials distributed and birds were transported to rehabilitation centres, also out of the province. On 17 January the emergency plan was de-activated. Some problems during this testcase were, the use of 4WD cars, contact with the press, loose dogs, removal of birds from temporary pens, and captwes of birds with artificial light.