The fact that the financial claim of the Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds (Vogelbescherming) on behalf of rehabilitation centres was admissable was considered interesting; it shows that oil spills cause damage not only in ecomical terms (CJC). It is hoped that in future incidents, Vogelbescherming can collaborate with Beached Bird Survey (BBS) organizers in these matters. Oil samples, as collected from beaches and beached birds can be used as evidence (HP). There is need for better coordination in case of oil incidents; the best and easiest solution being to use the telephone (MFL). Many people are involved, the bigger the problem the more people (AB). The main reason for emergency plans, as examplified by HZ is to get oiled seabirds in licenced rehabilitation centres. Many people, especially dog owners seem to go to the beach if anything happens. A new regulation is in preparation to forbid dogs, horses and 4WD-cars on the beach. The problems during oil incidents seem typically Dutch (HB). MH replies that the situation in Shetland is different. A small human population and inaccessible beaches makes live easy. Birds are taken to rehabilitation centres in Scotland (Five) if there are too many victims. In England, during oil incidents it is tried to cooperate with local authorities (LC). Immediate figures are given to the press, no corpses go astray. In Denmark, the public refrains. Civil Defense collects beached birds, while hunters are hired to kill birds that can not be grasped (JD). In Germany, there is hardly anything organized in case of an incident, a ’civil war’ comparable to the Dutch example might break out (CA).