In 1991, breeding of Common Gulls Larus canus at two inland sites in the province of Noord-Holland was reported by a regional newspaper. Nests were built on roofs (1, 2). So far, breeding on roofs by Common Gulls had only been reported a few times in the Netherlands, although it is common in Scandinavia and increasing in Scotland. Besides nests on roofs, inland (i.e. outside the dunes) ground nests in Noord-Holland were first reported in 1988 (figure 2). It is presumed that these new inland settlements are connected with the dramatic increase of the Red Fox Vulpes vulpes in the dunes of Noord-Holland, the traditional nesting area. Presumably due to fox predation, not a single young fledged in 1990 and 1991 in a colony of 1500-2000 pairs in the dune area The recent inland settlements show, however, that the species is capable to adapt to other breeding habitats when urged to do so.