Cooper J. (ed.) 1981. Proceedings of the symposium on birds of the sea and shore, 1979. Cape Town: African Seabird Group, 474 pp. These proceedings contain 27 papers, approximately half of which are on seabirds, the balance on Charadriid waders. M.J. Imber (New Zealand) discusses the diets and foraging methods of procellariiform seabirds, R.W. Furness (Scotland) and R.J.M. Crawford (South Africa) write on interactions with commercial fisheries. A ten-year review discusses the rehabilitation of oiled Jackass Penguins. Other seabirds covered in papers include Arctic Skuas, Common Terns, cormorants, Gentoo Penguin, giant petrels and prions. To clear stocks, the African Seabird Group is offering the proceedings at a specially reduced price, inclusive of packaging and surface mailing, of UK £ 10, or US $ 20. Cheques should be made payable gto the ’African Seabird Group’ and sent to P.O. Box 34113, Rhodes Gift 7707, South Africa. Personal cheques or cash well sealed in envelopes are also acceptable. Write to the same address for Information on joining the African Seabird Group and receiving its journal Marine Ornithology, as well as the special off on back numbers of the journal.